I’ve got Saber fever!

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When Volks announced the upcoming Saber Extra and Saber Alter II I knew I was in trouble, then I found out they were both going to be pre-order and not lottery and I knew I was screwed – financially that is.

Today I placed my order for both Saber Extra and Saber Alter II, as well as both of the clothing sets:

First is Saber Extra in her glorious red outfit and her awesome sword:

Volks Saber Extra Click here to continue reading…

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New DD family members – part 2.

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This is part 2 – See part 1 here.

Shortly after Airy joined our family I had a fantastic opportunity that I had not expected.  My friend Salica from and the Dollfie Dreams forum was having to give some of her girls up for adoption.  I felt really bad for her but I was very excited to learn she was having to give her Mio Akiyama up for adoption.

Mio is one of my other ‘unicorn’ DD’s that I’ve wanted for a long whilte now.  In fact, while Danny Choo is the one who made me aware of Dollfie Dream girls, it was his post about the K-On! Dollfie Dream girls, Yui and Mio, that got me looking into them with more interest.   Mio has always been my favorite K-On! girl so she is really where it all started for me.

I was lucky enough to get things together and be able to adopt Mio, and on August 6, 2011 Mio-chan came to my home to live with the rest of my family:

Dollfie Dream Mio Akiyama

I’m not exactly sure what it is about Mio that made me love her so much.  I don’t think the artist did a fantastic job at capturing her likeness from the anime.  It’s not bad but not perfect.   I do love her cute, innocent look and with her mouth sculpted the way it is, I picture her always saying  “Oh!” like she is seeing something interesting.

One that that really surprised me was the quality at which Salica keeps her girls in.  Not only was Mio is absolutely perfect condition and included everything she originally came with, everything was packaged in it’s original bags.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the extra outfits and some toys she included with Mio I would not have know she was every opened before by looking at her in her box!!!    I can’t thank Salica enough for letting me adopt Mio.   She is on my schedule for some new photo sessions soon!!!

My most recent addition though came as a bit of a surprise!  My friend Jun97 from the Dollfie Dreams forum has a DDdy version of Volks Aoi and she’s really stunning.  I’ve admired her for a long time, she has such great character and is really known as being the tsundere girl of the DD world.    I’ve mentioned to him a number of times that Aoi is next on my list of girls to adopt and that I wanted her to be a DDdy just like his.   I was worried he would be upset if I was copying him but I could not have been more wrong.

On Septempter 17, 2011 I got a package in the mail – it was a DDdy version of Aoi from Jun97 along with help from another friend of mine, Mitsuki – also from the forum.   It wasn’t a total surprise as a few days before they let me know a package was coming and I guess I got a little to inquisitive and eventually guessed it correctly.    haha    Even so, I was absolutely shocked when I got her.   She’s so beautiful and her little frown is so sweet!!!

Dollfie Dream Aoi - DDdy version!!!

Even though I was very excited by getting a new girl all of the sudden I was way more touched by my friends thinking of me so much to do this for me.   Just so there is no confusion, this wasn’t a free “gift” – I did pay them back.  The real gift is that they were thinking of me and went through the trouble of doing this for me – and also trusting me enough that I would pay them for it.  hehe    I’m still a little emotional now thinking about it as I write this.   I can’t thank them enough for their kindness.

I don’t have as many DDdy outfits as I need but I do have more coming soon.   Aoi spent the first few days in her very tight slip that she kept popping out of (hehe) so I don’t have any pics of her yet in something new.  I plan on correcting that soon.

Dollfie Dream Aoi thanking Jun and Mitsuki for her new home.

I can’t believe it but somehow I now have 8 girls living with me at home.  It’s starting to get pretty crowded around here.    With the recent news of the new Saber DD’s coming out, and my plans to get both of them, that is 2 more that will be joining my family in the future.

In some ways this hobby is really horrible and cruel – financially!!!  haha     But I always smile when I see my girls on my desk, even if they are a bit crowded now.   I guess I’ll just need to rearrange some furniture to make more room for them and their future sisters.


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Since I’ve been so bad about updating my blog I’ve missed introducing some of my most recent girls.   May previous updates mentioned I was waiting for Neris and Airy, thankfully I was able to adopt both of them.

I first learned about Airy from the Volks USA lottery but I knew that would take a few months before she would come to me but I had not won Neris through the US store.  Thankfully I was able to get Neris-chan through the International lottery thanks to multiple entries.  (Shhhh, don’t tell Volks!!!!).   Since this was the International lottery I would get Neris first and she arrived on May 25, 2011:

Dollfie Dream Neris Click here to continue reading…

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I’ve been bad in not keeping my blog updated.   I plan on getting things up to date this weekend and hopefully continue posting normally now.

This post is about two different types of doll stands and what may suite your needs more.   Averis, a friend of my from the great site is shopping around for his first doll stands and was unsure about the stability of the smaller base on the stands from Cool Cat compared to those from Dollfie World.

There are a few major differences between these stands, first being the size of the base they are on:

Dollfie Dream stands -  Smaller 'cool cat' and larger 'dollfie world' stands Click here to continue reading…

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I can’t believe I missed updating the blog for so long.  Gomen!!!   I recently won the 2 Volks maid outfits from their Kyoto 8 sale and wanted to start showing them off.  Yoko was the first to grab an outfit, she went for the more reserved Adorable Maid Kimono outfit and looks just fantastic in it.

I’ve posted a full story in the forum in the photo story section if you wish to read and see what’s going on.   Basically Yoko helped me with my mail and with putting together a small soft box for a flash unit I have.  She accidentally sets off the flash while looking directly into it.  Thankfully she was just stunned, no permanent damage.  Gallery of images below:


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