I’ve got Saber fever!


When Volks announced the upcoming Saber Extra and Saber Alter II I knew I was in trouble, then I found out they were both going to be pre-order and not lottery and I knew I was screwed – financially that is.

Today I placed my order for both Saber Extra and Saber Alter II, as well as both of the clothing sets:

First is Saber Extra in her glorious red outfit and her awesome sword:

Volks Saber Extra

Volks Saber Extra

Volks Saber Extra

Volks Saber Extra

Saber Alter II is a lovely white skin version and will be my first white skin DD I’ll own so I’m very excited about that.

Volks Saber Alter II

Volks Saber Alter II

Volks Saber Alter II

Volks Saber Alter II

They are both so beautiful and each have stuffing outfits.  I could not decide which I liked more but really the chance to own a DD Saber at these prices and not have to worry about being lucky in the lottery was too much to resist.   Both girls have now been ordered, as well as the 2 extra outfits that were available for them:

Volks Saber Dollfie Dream - Exercise Outfit

Volks Saber Dollfie Dream - Swimsuit

Damage with shipping is over $1600 but considering Lily by herself was almost $1200 this seems like a complete bargain!!!!    Who would have thought the words “bargain” and “Saber” would be used seriously in a sentence ever again?    HAHA


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  1. Wiguan says:

    I’ve tried to put the pre-order. It returns error. T_T

    • James says:

      Oh, sorry to hear that. You may just want to try again soon. If not, contact Volks. I’m sure they want to make sure there is nothing wrong with their form to accept orders. haha

      Another thing to check would be either trying a new web browser if you have one loaded or try clearing your browsers cookie information and restarting it to let it load new info from their site. Sometimes that can help correct odd issues.

  2. Saluli says:

    Congrats! These girls are Beautiful.
    I will be getting Extra on international site. If I manage to get someone to order for me in VolksUSA, I woud love take Alter as well.

  3. Wolfheinrich says:

    Fufufufu, looks like the attractor field convergence has sucked you into this one too~

    • James says:

      haha – yes it has! I do love my Lily but the chance to get even more Sabers is so hard to pass up on. The money hurts a bit as I’ve been busy getting clothes for my girls recently but I know I won’t regret this later on.

      I saw you have Kamenride cards for each of them as well. :D Your family is really growing fast! Congrats sir!

  4. Pux Lavoix says:

    James, your gallery is awesome and your daughters are IMHO some of the best i have seen, they really seem a little spoiled but sure you have the nicest family here =D. I spent quite a time going through the gallery and its just amazing how much effort and care you put into those photoshoots. I love photography too and really looking forward to try this new subject…

    I dont remember how i found out about Dollfies but could not take my mind off them and got really really worked up about getting my own. Finally i made up my mind and ordered Yuckino from volks usa. Now i spent days looking at pics (thats how i know i just love yours:)), the thing is that i cannot find any clothes/wigs/shoes, like yours. I have spent at least 2 whole days searching dozens of sites and maybe its that im stupid, but of all the guides that tell owners where to get clothing from wont help for me. So PLEASE if you would be so kind to list a couple of sites where you buy your clothes Ill be greatly in debt with you.

    (or maybe you could just sell some of yours!! hahaa kiddin!)

    thank you!

  5. James says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for your kind words, me and my daughters are very flattered. :D I enjoy photography and having Dolfie Dream girls is a great way to get a model to take photos of. hehe

    I’m so happy to hear that you have Yukino on the way. She is really a wonderful girl. A few friends of mine have her and they are all very happy with her. I now have 10 girls and some are very popular versions and Yukino is right up there as one of my favorites.

    I can give you some suggestions for sites to look for clothes but first I’d like to suggest what I think is the best Dollfie Dream site out there, On of my friends started it just over a year ago and I think we now have about 200 members. You will not only find great information but some great people there. We are all pretty friendly. :D

    Some of the sites I buy clothes from the most are:
    and can’t forget Volks themselves.

    There are also some Ebay sellers I’ll buy from. One place I’m planning on ordering from but haven’t yet is:

    I have a friend who has been happy with their stuff so I feel comfortable with it.

    You will find that a lot of DD clothing isn’t cheap… some is just plain expensive! hehe But most of all it’s not easy to come by. Usually made in limited quantity and not available for long. If you see something you like at a good price, get it. It may soon be gone.

    The following page at the Dollfie Dreams forum I mentioned has a lot of links and reviews of sites to check out as well:

    Feel free to create an account. We have people from all over the world – Russia, USA, Poland, Germany, France, Canada!!! Everywhere. I’m known as OtakuDepot there so feel free to say “Hi” if you join up, I’d love to see you there.

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